Taiwan Accreditation Foundation(TAF)

  • ISO 17025 Testing Lab, NO. 0879
  • ISO 15189 Medical Lab, NO. 1636
  • ISO 17043 Proficiency testing provider, NO. P006
  • OECD  GLP for Pre-clinical Lab, No. GLP0015

Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA)

  • Food inspection organization, No. F005
  • Cosmetics inspection organization, No. C002
  • Medicine inspection organization, No. D002
  • GLP Lab, No. GLP1020004


Industrial Development Bureau(IDB)

  • National Medicine R&D service company
  • NanoMark Inspection Lab, NO. 0008
  • Technology service organization ; energy registration RD
  • Technology service organization ; energy registration IN

Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry

  • Honored with IBMI biotechnology quality award



Center for Disease Control(CDC)

  • Infectious Disease inspection organization, NO. 098021

Environmental Protection Administration(EPA)

  • Environmental inspection and test organization, NO. 0118


Taiwan Health Food Society

  • Health Foods assessment organization, NO. 105001

Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance

  • Inspection organization with product import and export approved


Taiwan Nanotechnology Industry Development Association

  • NanoMark inspection laboratory

Japans Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

  • Registered by the Export Public Inspection System B-Type,  NO. TW20010

John Tung Foundation

  • Food testing laboratories approved