Health Food

Health Food

Under the Health Food Control Act, health food refers to food with specific nutrient or health care effects as specially labeled or advertised and is not aimed at treating or remedying human diseases.

SuperLab, a private testing firm with much experience and fruitful results for health food testing, is the most effective clinical test firm that independently performs health food certification in Taiwan. It is your primary partner in applying for the designation of health food.

We are committed to providing a comprehensive range of services for products to assist in the assessment of product safety classification and validate the suitability of the active ingredients for application. A pilot study can reduce the costs and risks of developing new products and applying for certification. We design the experiments and apply the most appropriate product features for registration, greatly enhancing the chance of successful experiments and certification applications, and provide instant integrated services to help your products to seize the market opportunities.


 The total full service

1. The Safety Test
2. The Efficacy Test
3. The Stability Test
4. The Health and Safety Test
5. Testing and Registration of the Health Food