Environmental Inspection

Environmental Inspection

SuperLab provides environmental, water quality, and air testing services. With our professional competence and extensive experience, we help to protect you from environmental hazards. Our diverse testing services include pollution tests and environmental testing for public and private organizations, water quality testing for drinking fountains in public and private locations, Legionella pneumophila testing for water towers, detection of bacterial pathogens in infectious water, assessment of bactericidal activity in water and air, soil and underground water testing, and waste examination.


Legionella Pneumophila Testing Experts

Legionella pneumophila is one of the most well-known test items. Legionella pneumophila is hidden in industrial water cooling systems, central air conditioning, fountains, swimming pools, SPA hydrotherapy, and various cooling water supply systems and air conditioners. It can be transmitted through air particles and saliva. Legionnaires’ disease has an attack rate of 1-5% and a mortality rate that can be as high as 20%. The mortality rates are higher among patients with impaired immunity. Few laboratories can conduct Legionella pneumophila tests. SuperLab was the first testing organization to obtain Legionella pneumophila TAF certification in Taiwan. SuperLab has extensive experience and experts in Legionella pneumophila testing. Its services are characterized as follows:

Equipment specifications:P2 plus biosafety laboratories and biosafety cabinets
Testing approval:TAF certification
Testing capability:high separating force; Legionella pneumophila separating force reaches 15%

Service features:
Separation of Legionella pneumophila, allowing for the strain to be preserved at no additional cost.
Provision of sterilization methods and professional consulting services.
We have specialized personnel conducting the tests, so as to help you avoid issues pertaining to testing errors, the use of contaminated containers, and difficulties with sample mailing.