Medical Inspection

Medical Inspection

Many pollution incidents involving heavy metals have been reported in recent years. Heavy metals may enter the human body via the consumption of foods and beverages/water, breathing, the environment, or direct contact. Unlike other toxins, heavy metals can be broken down in the liver and excreted. Further research is needed to objectively assess whether heavy metals are harmful to human health and whether heavy metals in the environment cause harm to the human body. SuperLab conducts the testing of heavy metals in human blood and provides various clinical trial services.


Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Test Experts

Tuberculosis causes mycobacterium tuberculosis infection and is often a reason for pulmonary infection. It can infect other body parts and is a droplet-transmitted disease. SuperLab is an infectious disease testing company approved by the CDC. With regard to laboratory biosafety protection levels, SuperLab has P2 plus biosafety laboratories and experts in mycobacterium tuberculosis testing.


Common Clinical Trial Items

    • Testing of heavy metals (arsenic, lead, copper, zinc, selenium) in blood
    • Grams stain microscopic examinations
    • Identification of bacterial cultures (exudate, discharge, secretion, blood, cerebrospinal fluid, etc.)
    • Cultivation and evaluation of anaerobic bacteria
    • Bacterial drug susceptibility testing


Tuberculosis Testing 

  • Acid-fast stain
  • Mycobacterium Culture
  • Mycobacterium classification (TB, NTM)
  • Mycobacterium drug sensitivity test (TB, NTM).
  • DNA qualitative amplification test (TB -PCR)