Consulting for health foods registration application


Consulting for health foods registration application

According to Taiwan’s Health Food Control Act, health food refers to food with health benefits that have been labeled or advertised and scientifically proven to have such effects. A health food is not a medical treatment aimed at treating or remedying human diseases. The entire process of applying for the health food label, which starts with a scientific certification test, requires a considerable amount of time and substantial financial expense. SuperLab provides well-rounded services for test products and comprehensive consulting services that cover the entire process from the pre-test to post-test phases.


Before the test: Safety testing

According to Paragraph 2, Article 3, of the Health Food Control Act, in order to ensure the safety of health foods for humans, a product must be proven to be harmless and to carry certain consistent health care effects. Different toxicological assessments must be conducted based on the food’s ingredients. We offer different toxicological tests depending on the characteristics of your product.


Safety Test ItemType 1Type 2Type 3Type 4
Acute oral toxicity testX
28-day feeding toxicity test (subacute)XΟ
90-day feeding toxicity test (subchronic)XXΟΟ
Teratogenicity testXXΟΟ
Chronic toxicity/Carcinogenicity testXXXΟ
Reproduction testXXXΟ

X: test not required; O: test required;
⊗: recommended or relevant information provided by contracting parties


Before the testFunctional assessment

There are 13 types of benefits that can be declared for health foods. We provide contracting parties with product feature explanations based on the effects of your product’s ingredients, which reduces the costs and risks of new product development and registration application. Test design and verification are conducted using methods most applicable to the product.

Assessment Items:

  • Gastrointestinal function improvement assessment
  • Liver function protection assessment
  • Immunoregulation function assessment
  • Anti-fatigue function assessment
  • Lipid regulation function assessment
  • Body fat reduction function assessment
  • Aging delay function assessment
  • Osteoporosis improvement function assessment
  • Allergy regulation function assessment
  • Iron absorption promotion assessment
  • Glucose regulation function assessment
  • Dental health care function assessment
  • Blood pressure regulation function assessment


Post-test instant integrated services

SuperLab is a private testing agency that independently conducts the highest number of functional tests for health foods verification. We have provided assistance to many brands in the acquisition of the health food label. With our extensive experience in assisting successful projects, we provide consulting services with professionalism, enthusiasm, and attention. Moreover, we provide integrated services, regularly communicating with contracting parties, controlling and managing test progress, and delivering professional test reports and data arrangement. In addition to preliminary consulting, we provide assistance and answer your questions during actual examinations. Our professional team can provide answers to all types of questions, from those related to project progress to those concerning issues encountered during an application.