Chinese medicine / Pharmaceutical Inspection

Chinese Medicine Inspection

Medicinal materials used in the formulation of traditional Chinese medicines are mainly made from animal-based, plant-based, and mineral-based materials. Animal and plant materials are full of nutrient sources and easily be affected by microbial pollution. The monitoring of the medicine manufacturing conditions and cleanliness of medicinal materials affects the presence of microorganisms in medicine. Therefore, authorities have stipulated that Chinese medicines must be tested and monitored for microorganisms.

SuperLab complies with international standards, such as USP/EP/JP, AOAC, ISO, and Pharmacopoea Chinensis standards, and is equipped with precision instruments for GC, GC/MS, HPLC, LC/MS/MS, and ICP testing. SuperLab has established a comprehensive system for Chinese medicine testing and can assist you in completing the testing process.


Pharmaceutical Inspection

Medicine quality affects people’s health. With improvements at the pharmaceutical level, the requirements and regulations for each item have been adjusted and high-risk sterile product quality requirements have become more stringent. Sterile medicine must be inspected and monitored for microorganisms. The analysis of medicines Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and purity analysis is the core of current medicine R&D, as well as an important item in medicine testing. SuperLab provides various services and, following the product requirements, designs items compliant with domestic and international regulations in order to assist you in completing the testing process.