Proficiency Testing

Proficiency Testing Requirement(TAF-CNLA -R05)

According to ISO/ IEC 17025, laboratory shall conduct proficiency tests to evaluate and ensure the accuracy and precision of the test results produced by the lab. TAF-CNLA-R05 requires labs to participate in proficiency tests periodically according to their discipline.


Why participate in proficiency testing?

  1. ISO/ IEC 17025 certification requirement
  2. Identify deviation causes. Ex. Lab protocol, equipment uncalibrated, personnel error.
  3. Through inter-lab quality control and intra-lab quality control to ensure quality
  4. Offers labs a direction for improvement
  5. Increase confidence from laboratory clients
  6. Evaluate laboratory testing quality and personnel ability


Choosing a PT provider
(Sort by recommended PT provider criteria)

  1. ISO/IEC 17043 certified proficiency testing provider
  2. Other non-ISO / IEC 17043 certified proficiency testing provider
  3. Inter-laboratory comparison


Recommended Participants

Food, cosmetics, and medical device manufacturer/factory employees, biological/medical laboratories, academic units, health authorities, other testing service institutes and more.


ISO 17043 certified provider of biological and chemical PT schemes

Superlab is the leading proficiency testing provider in Taiwan. We are the only ISO 17043 certified proficiency testing provider in both biological and chemical discipline and our test participation rate is over 70% from of all ISO 17025 certified labs in Taiwan.


Taiwan testing and quality assurance society seminar/Superlab proficiency testing seminar


ISO 17043 Accreditation